Instapage vs Leadpages

Instapage Vs Leadpages [Year] | Which Is Better Landing Page Builder? (In-Depth Comparison)

Wanting to know about Instapage vs Leadpages? Here, I give you the complete in-depth differences between both and you will be able to find the best one suitable for you according to your requirements. 

Imagine having a website that is visually very impressive, has all the product/service information, the after-sales services information, and all the works. Your website visitors are thoroughly convinced that this is the product or service they are looking for but they don’t make any purchases. You would think why is this happening?

The reason being there is a huge ‘online’ market out there. Consumers have multiple options to choose from and it is very easy to jump between different websites to choose the best product. 

How would you convert this potential lead into a happy customer? The answer is very very simple. By creating a Landing page on your website. A Landing page? What is that?

In simple words, it is a page on your website which offers a reward or a free download or anything related to the specific product in exchange for the potential customer’s basic contact information. Yes, welcome to the new age digital sales strategy.


As per Hubspot, a popular Marketing and Sales platform, Landing pages have the highest conversion rate (23%) compared to other sign up forms. A landing page is more effective than a regular advertisement showing only a product. This is because the customer is more likely to trust your services and your brand when they get offers or free interesting content in exchange for filling out the form.

Now, you would think how could I create a landing page for my website? There are numerous tools available for creating a landing page. The two most popular ones are : 

  1. Leadpages
  2. Instapage

Instapage vs LeadPages [Year] | Which One Is Worth The Hype??

Instapage vs Leadpages

Both Leadpages and Instapage are very similar except for some minute differences. However, popular opinions suggest that Leadpages is an easier and simpler tool to operate and understand.


Instapage is also a software tool that creates landing pages. This software helps in your online marketing campaigns with features like A/B testing, easy page building, and multiple campaign management. 


This is one of the most popular and best software tools available in the market to create an optimum Website and Landing page. When you open the official website of Leadpages, the home page says “Turn Clicks into Customers”. This says it all. It is a drag and drops software tool that can be used to set up landing pages, email sign-up forms, webinars, courses, alerts, pop-ups, and much more. 

Instapage vs LeadPages: Overview


Overview: Instapage vs Leadpages comparison

Instapage is also a drag and drop tool to create landing pages. However, it is more suitable for large businesses, hence small enterprises may find it difficult for use.  This tool offers customization where you can design a page from the start with a powerful editor. Like Leadpages, it can be hosted on WordPress as well.     


The USP of Leadpages is that it has helped numerous small businesses to connect with its customers, collect leads, and make sales. It is very easy to use drag and drop tools to create effective landing pages with a mobile responsiveness template. Also, it comes with a free trial version for businesses that are new to the concept of landing pages.

Leadpages vs Instapage: Features

Instapage features- Best landing page builder

Marketing Automation Tools 

Leadpages and Instapage are highly aesthetic, well regarded, and extremely popular landing pages. These online tools help you to enhance your subscribers. It facilitates small businesses to reach a wider audience.

These famous land page builders will help you to have access to the most splendid services resulting in,  building of pages for either promotion campaigning or to design a website into a more exquisite professional landing page.

It will further explain, which marketing automation online tools are better? , in whatever ways as compared.

One should be rational enough to understand the need for a more dedicated landing page tool for a more customized & adjustable landing page.

Let us dive into & have a closer look through all the characteristics & benefits from Leadpages to Instapage and help ourselves to choose a better option.

Analytics and Systems Tracking


Powerful analytics software to help you reap the maximum possible benefits from that of a landing page. The analytics and systems tracking in leadpages is said to be second to none and has a very high conversion rate as compared to other similar software on the market. 


Instapage is also very advanced analytics software and does indeed provide you with increased leads and conversions. Yet, despite it being very advanced it is not at the same level as Leadpages.


Needless to say, although both leadpages and Instapage have advanced Analytics and tracking, in this case, Leadpages is the clear winner. 

Motive and goals 

Drag and drop is the main and important option which helps you to construct the webpage conveniently. Without the need for back-end development drag and drop, the option is the rapid technique to customize a web page.


It helps you to generate the web page or the whole www site and you can also create your destination page. It also combines you with the latest email retailing campaign.


It helps you to generate destination pages or say landing pages but it doesn’t help with an entire web page, just like the land page it also combines you with the latest email retailing campaign. 

Designs and layouts (templates)

Designs and layouts are the most important features and it clarifies the website pages and its making or constructing process. As they can be readily available and easy to use, As per your brand requirement you can use these layouts and templates and can be further made-to-order.


130+ various types of designs and templates are available for your referral and selection. At liberty, you can get hundreds of premium templates and layouts that customize with leadpages main working staffs and editors.


150+ template designs are available on Instagram and through the scrap, you can construct your landing pages. For instance, you can even have a selection among these 150+ templates or pick up and buy another hundred of templates via Envato. 

  •         Pictures
  •         Videos



 leadpage recently consists of 18 widgets

  •         Headings
  •         Text
  •         Buttons/links
  •         Countdown
  •         Pictures
  •         Video
  •         Line
  •         Spacing
  •         Html
  •         Form
  •         Checkout
  •         Shares
  •         Comments
  •         Likes
  •         Progressing bar
  •         Icon
  •         Images + text
  •         Calendar + text

In comparison to Instapage, Leadpages consist of one unique widget named as checkout widget, this widget allows you to sell the fundamental digital products. Leadpages incredibly function to maintain the delivery part of the process and you can conveniently sell your products like e-books, webinar tickets directly.


Compare to Leadpages, Instapage consists of only 11 widgets namely:-

  •         Instablock
  •         Headline
  •         Paragraph
  •         Pictures
  •         Image
  •         Video
  •         Button/links
  •         Form
  •         Shapes
  •         Social shares
  •         Timer
  •         Html

Unlike Leadpage Instagram consists of only 11 pages and these are the widgets which are missing from Instagram:-

  •         Checkout/sales module
  •         Comments
  •         Progress bar
  •         Icon

Leadpage Unique Features

Leadpages vs Instapages: landing page features

  • Lead boxes – it allows you to construct or build the popups utilizing drag and drop method or editors. The best thing is you can easily use lead boxes on any random pages.
  • Facebook Advertisements – to match up your destination pages you can easily create or build up your own Facebook advertisement.
  • Links – you can create a link that is used by the subscribers to sign in automatically by clicking on the link.
  • Alert bars – offers can be promoted by creating notification bars that can be used by users simply on any pages.
  • Instagram unique features
  • Easy partnership – Instagram is suitable for the partnership and collaboration with the working party and also have good partnership tools and devices.
  • Audit log – in your own account you can track the changes and edits to landing pages.
  • Dynamic text substitution – you can easily substitute the text in any real-time to a better alignment.
  • Instablocks – this is one of the amazing features as it deals with saving an entire “block” and you can also reuse it to the other pages and it also reclaims your time.

Customer Service

Leadpages :

Leadpages has a very well organized customer support system. You can get in touch with them through email and get a response within 24-48 hours. The other options are through phone and their live chat support which are available Monday – Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central Time. Also, they have the option of Contact Support which is the best way to contact them.

You can just log in to your Leadpages account and get in touch with them through the navigation menu.

Instapage : 

Instapage has category-wise different pages dedicated to solving its customers’ queries. The help center categories are Dashboard, Landing pages, Analytics, and so on. Also, they have articles for frequently asked queries that the customers can refer to. If you are still not satisfied, you can raise a ticket by submitting a request and the Instapage team will get back to you. 


Both the tools are equally customer friendly and give the best to their existing and new clients. However, Leadpages seems to be a step ahead as they give the option of contact through email and phone, which is by far the most preferred form of communication.

Instapage vs LeadPages Pricing


Leadpages has three plans on a monthly and annual basis. They’re subdivided into Standard, Pro and Advanced. The rates are as follows:

Leadpages vs Instapage- Pricing

Standard Pro Advanced

Monthly $37 $79 $321

Annually $25 $48 $199

2-year plan (Paid every 2-years) $17 $42 $159

Plan 1:Standard

The Standard package for leadpages has landing pages and pop-ups,  mobile-responsive templates, and supports unlimited traffic, leads. Since it is limited to one website, it has limited features and so A/B testing and other important conversion optimization tools are missing from it. Also, it does not support online sales, payments. The lowest level does not offer split-testing but the next level has A/B testing. In this plan, unlimited landing pages, lead-generation pop-ups can be created.

Plan 2:Pro

The Pro package supports three websites. It contains all the features of the standard plan along with unlimited A/B split testing, 10 opt-in text campaigns, and email trigger links as well.

Plan 3:Advanced

The Advanced package has a lot more features in addition to those of the standard and pro package. There are integrations to tools such as Hubspot, Salesforce, or Pardot and Marketo. It supports up to 50 websites and also gives the option of a personal Quick Start call with a specialist to help you set up the account and make optimum use of leadpages.


Instapage or Leadpages comparison

Instapage has 2 plans: Business Plan, Enterprise Plan

Plan 1: Business Plan

The Business Plan starts at a monthly $199 and also offers a 33% discount if the amount is paid in a lump sum. The discount amounts to a monthly $149.  A free trial for 14 days is also offered without credit card sign-up. Features include customizable templates, heatmaps, custom code editing, etc.

Plan 2: Enterprise Plan

Enterprise plan involves customized pricing for your needs. Several features are included for building up to 50 landing pages. A personal account manager is offered and also there are migration services for people who use other alternatives to instapage. For other features, a call with the salesperson is necessary to decide on the customizations you need. Rest assured, the features can improve advertising operations and also give an optimum return on investment.


Leadpages is a cheaper option as compared to Instapage.

Pros and Cons



  • It has a built-in analytics tool
  • The interface is user-friendly
  • Really good designs and templates
  • It can be integrated with many software
  • It does not have any traffic limitations
  • There is dynamic text replacement for PPC campaigns
  • Many templates to choose from
  • It has direct integration to WordPress


  • The basic plan does not allow A/B testing
  • The number of built-in images and icons is fewer so images need to be uploaded from Google.
  • Lack of design flexibility
  • comparatively expensive
  • Questionable customer support



  • Good drag and drop templates
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • No need for HTML knowledge to add video or audio to your pages. Easy embed code
  • Professional results in minimal time
  • Customizable features
  • Highest number of landing page templates
  • Lowest plans at $25 per month
  • has a lot of app connections
  • Easy set-up


  • Difficult to incorporate custom fonts
  • No option to start without a template
  • Layout of templates very average
  • No enterprise option
  • Lack of customization


👉 What Leadpages can do ?

Leadpages helps small businesses gain recognition , helps them to connect with a wider audience , builds exquisite websites , pop ups etc.

👉 How can I obtain subscriptions for Leadpages?

Customers should continue using their account for the next 14days , after a few days one becomes a paid subscriber to the same leadpages plan which once you registered for free .

👉 When to start Leadpages for business?

As leadpages are quite convenient & affordable as compared to insta page , whenever one joins the team , he / she will want something to promote. It makes it extremely easy & quick to promote business online which is well equipped with required conversion tools followed by other help .

Final Verdict: Instapage vs Leadpages [Year] | Who Is The Winner? Lead Pages Wins 

This the toughest was part that we had to choose among one of these amazing quality products, they both are equally good and gives us a good output but here are some points which must be noted down:-

Leadpages are budget-friendly as its cheapest plan starts at just $25 per month whereas $149per month is the cheapest plan of Instagram.

Instapages are more convenient and flexible for responsive designs as it gives us the good responsive pages cover look than that in leadpages and in instapages you can also have your separate edits for different tools and devices.

Leadpages has a greater selection of widgets, one of the major drawbacks of Instagram is that it doesn’t contain sales modules or say checkout widget which allows you to sell the fundamental digital product and it incredibly functions to maintain the delivery part of the process.

Leadpages contain more convenient features than that of Instapage. Both do have their own important features but leadpages are budget-friendly and have a good delivery tool with analytics and systematic tracking ways and these two are the main and important thing which users need the most, which essentially made leadpages the winner!

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