3 Best Leadpages Alternatives In 2021 (Free and Paid)

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It is designed for entrepreneurs and small business owners and an entirely integrated All-In-One platform.


Instapage is a cloud-based creation tool for website landing pages. It integrates with the most popular email service and marketing providers.

Hi Folks! Are you looking for the best Leadpages Alternatives?


Here we have picked the best Leadpages Alternative.

Leadpages is a stand-alone website that has a monthly fee that allows you to create and helps you in landing sales pages for your business. It has drag-and-drop templates and standard templates, which makes it easy for you to create pages for your business outside of your website or if you don’t have a website.

A lot of people use Lead Page to set up a sign-up page for webinars or set up a sales page for a course they are doing or maybe use it for a free product they are promoting. It also has tons of features and can be used as a hashtag for all the things in your business. They can be a tremendous asset to any of the companies.

 Leadpages Alternatives: 95% of conversions leads and revenue is generated about 5% of the pages on a site. The most conversions, revenues, and opt-ins come from only a few pages on any given website. Back in the day, when trying to create these pages, we had a problem, it just wasn’t easy to do. Leadpages had pretty humble beginnings.

LeadPages wasn’t always the clear leader in the space with the highest opt-ins and conversions. That was started because there were six features that we wanted to use in our business to make lead generation and landing page creations so much easier. We have featured an in-depth Leadpages review to help you get detailed insights into it. 

Bottom Line: If you’re on the go and don’t want to go through the complete post to pick the best alternative of LeadPages, we have to go your back. As per our intense research, we found Clickfunnels is the best alternative to LeadPages here. As it has a more user-centric approach which gives you a one-stop solution for building landing pages and funnels for your website.  Get Started With Clickfunnels here.

The idea behind Leadpages is to simply create mobile responsive landing pages in a matter of minutes. It helps to publish the pages either to servers, WordPress, Facebook, or any other server where one could post a web page.

About Leadpages | LeadPages Alternatives

LeadPage is the number one landing page software. It helps businesses to overgrow by taking the guesswork out of collecting leads and driving sales. It is a landing page designed to go a visitor to take a specific action.

It also offers hundreds of ready-made templates for a wide variety of applications where you can customize and publish in minutes without the help of a designer or programmer.

Leadpages combines proven, ready-made landing pages with the flexibility of a drag-and-drop builder changing or adding elements on the page is simple.

You can customize, edit, and rearrange page elements, knowing that the page will look great across all types of devices.


Leadpages can create several different kinds of landing pages, including webinar registration pages, sales pages, free report pages, launch fine pages PPC and AdWords mini-site style pages, video sales pages, ThankYou pages, and a lot of other high converting pages.

Leadpages Overview

Top 3+ Best Leadpages Alternatives 2021

1. Systeme.io | LeadPages Alternatives

Systeme.io is very popular in France and just launched in the US. It is designed for Entrepreneurs and small business owners. Complete integration in the all-in-one platform makes a whole differentiation from Leadpages.

Systeme.io Overview-Leadpages Alternatives

System.i0 Pros & Cons

It is designed for entrepreneurs and small business owners. It is an entirely integrated All-In-One platform, which is where it differed from lead Pages.


  1. You can build entire sales funnels, create an email list, and send unlimited emails, and you can launch a blog, create a membership, manage affiliate programs, and so much more.
  2. It is super easy for anyone to use.


  • It generally differed from how many email subscribers they include in it.
  • The pricing differed from one plan to another.

 Systeme.io Customer Support

Systeme.io takes customer support quite seriously and takes immense pride in announcing it’s 24/7 services. In its quest to lay down highly informative experience, Systeme.io concretes its foundation by answering queries in a Question and Answer manner—at the end of which, the customers can add in their feedback.

Systeme.io Analytics & System Tracking

One of the main analytical features Systeme.io offers is its marketing automation services, wherein all informed transactions regarding commissions and payments is done after being processed by the advanced system itself.

Systeme.io Pricing Plans

Systemeio Pricing

Best values are provided here.

The startup starts at $27 per month.

The webinar is conducted for $47 per month.

And, the final plan, enterprise plan, has the package offering $97 per month. 

2. Click Funnels | LeadPages Alternatives

ClickFunnels is designed as an online system for business owners to set up landing pages using a sales funnel easily. It assists in turning ideas into the conduct of a well-designed sale to help convert website traffic into loyal customers.

ClickFunnel Overview-Leadpages Alternatives

Click Funnels Pro & Cons

It is designed as an online system for business owners to quickly set up landing pages using a sales funnel. It helps in assisting turning ideas into a well-designed sales conduct top to help convert website traffic into loyal customers.


  • It gives full business complete growth.
  • It helps in sales funnel templates.
  • It has more excellent capabilities with text, email, social media.


  1. Clickfunnels’ pricing is expensive.
  2. The pricing for one month is $199 Per Month with free features given compared to LeadPages.
  3. If you want more features, you have to buy it for $300 Per Month. That is not worth it for smaller companies.
  4. It has a learning curve.

Click Funnels Customer Support

 ClickFunnels has adopted a much more traditional yet direct system of customer care service.

With a direct hotline and email-id only a call and click away, the organization doesn’t kick around the bush, but instead—straight-off sit down for business.

Click Funnels Analytics & Tracking

Click Funnels has successfully managed to mark their spot in the online market by allowing its entrepreneur community with business booming provisions such as conversion tracking—among other tools like reporting & statistics pages.

Click Funnels Pricing

Clickfunnel Pricing

It provides you with the ability to grow and create unlimited offers.

The first plan comes at the price of $97.

The platinum plan of Chick Funnels is $297.

And the last program comes with high updates named as Two Comma ClubX at $2,497.

3. Instapage | LeadPages Alternatives

Instapage is a cloud-based creation tool for website landing pages. It integrates with the most popular email service and marketing providers. It offers memberships to users over 195 read-made templates. 

Instapage Overview-Leadpages Alternatives

Instapage Analytics 

Unlike any of its contemporaries, Instapage offers uniqueness in the comprehension of its followers’ data by allowing analysts to Filter down on their user’s activity.

Some domains available for filters include –visitors (whether all or particular), device (whether used on a desktop or a mobile or all), and traffic (whether blended, paid or organic).

Instapage Customer Support

 Much like two of its contemporaries, Instapage follows a hybrid of two customer care models—direct inquiry type and question & answer type.

The official customer help page of the company also provides tabs such as “Request for demo,” “Get support,” “Media Requests,” among many others, to allow the user to get friendly and comfortable with the services.

Instapage Pros & Cons

It is a cloud-based creation tool for website landing pages. The software features a drag-and-drop editor that makes it easy for anyone to create landing pages.


  • It integrates with the most popular Email service and marketing providers.
  • Any Instapage membership offers users over 195 read-made templates.
  • It used for better editors and templates.
  • It used for blank templates for complete control.


  • It has high-end pricing, which costs $199 per month.
  • Leadpages has far more integrations.

Instapage Pricing Plans

Instapage Pricing

Two tiers of prices are offered at Instapage:-

1) Business Plan

It starts at $199 per month and avails a 33% discount if paid in a lump sum and paying $149 a month.

It is available to 30 landing pages and five team members.

2) Enterprise Plan  

The pricing in this available plan depends on the customization of needs. 

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FAQs On LeadPages Alternatives

💥 Is ClickFunnels better than Shopify?

Both these tools have their own specialization. If you are looking for an all-in-one marketing solution, ClickFunnels is the right choice. If you just wish to market the products, Shopify can be the choice.

✅ How do Leadpages work?

A platform provided to raise landing and sale pages easily. It becomes more user- friendly with a “drag – and- drop” feature or just by using a template.

🎉 Can I Create More than One Form on a Page with a ClickFunnels?

Yes. You can create more than one form on a page with the ClickFunnels account.

🏆 Do you need a website for ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is a great alternative for any small business that doesn’t have a traditional website. This software allows you as an online business to sell your products.

💼 Where the Leadpages landing pages can be used?

It can be used all over on your Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn to have your advertisement campaigns.

🔥 Is there any free trial with Leadpages?

Yes, there is a free trial version of 14 days. They do not have a free version and the first plan of Leadpages starts with $25.00 per month.

Final Verdict | LeadPages Alternatives

One of my main gripes with Clickfunnels for a while has not only been the smaller template library when compared but other page builders and how alike the pages look when you land on a Clickfunnels landing page.

They use the same design and font.  One of the things I like about Leadpages is there are a lot many templates present in it with varieties. Leadpages has the largest selection of templates across all of the different page builders. 

The reason why Leadpage beats Clickfunnels has to do with the price. Right at the end of the day, it all matters what we are paying? And what are we getting for it? 

When comparing the price, you get a lot more of your value if you’re just looking at dollar spend versus value on return.

However, if you’re on a budget and you are only looking at which one is going to cost less and still get a very similar result, then Lead Page wins. 

If you're on the go and don't want to go through the complete post to pick the best alternative of LeadPages, we have to go your back. As per our intense research, we found Clickfunnels is the best alternative to LeadPages here.

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8 thoughts on “3 Best Leadpages Alternatives In 2021 (Free and Paid)”

  1. I tried using Instapages and it’s a good tool for website landing pages.
    I liked its different features like
    It incorporates with the most mainstream email administration and promoting suppliers.
    Any Instapage enrollment offers clients more than 195 read-made layouts.
    It utilized for better editors and formats.

  2. I’ve been using Leadpagesfor a few months and I’d like to say that Leadpagesis an easy-to-use web-based platform that helps you make a website, landing page, or online store with just a few clicks.

    It’s a great tool for anyone who wants to create a landing page for their company quickly and easily. I have made around 40-50 landing pages for my clients with the help of Leadpages and everybody found them really beneficial and I got a lot of positive feedbacks for the use of Leadpages. I will keep using it always.

  3. Leadpages has been a success for our company because it has shown us another way to advertise our products that would eventually boost our sales.

    The variety of features available in Leadpages have helped us extract data and launch campaigns. It is one of the best ways to engage with your audience, by testing features and by drag and drops features we got many benefits of converting the data into effective tools for marketing strategy.

  4. I recently tried out Leadpages and was pleasantly surprised. I didn’t know what to expect, but the experience turned out to be a great one. The site is easy-to-use and intuitive—I felt very comfortable navigating through it, even though this was my first time using it.

  5. One really cool feature of Leadpages is that it enables you to sort landing page templates by conversion rate. That way, you can pick a template with a track record of success.

    Another feature I like is that Leadpages supports split-testing. That’s a necessity with a tool that’s designed to maximize conversions. The platform follows the standard A/B testing pattern. It allows you to display different versions of your landing page or popup so that you can see which one gets you the most clicks

  6. I used Instapage for a while but it didn’t content to a good level.
    Its not powerful enough to be your entire site.
    To some degree costly. We’d love it to be less expensive, or have a free alternative for more modest customers of our own.
    It’s anything but an entire followup component for individuals who convert on these pages.

  7. I find Instapage to be incredibly intuitive and easy to use. It’s a true drag n drop builder that makes good design simple.
    The new Instablocks are superb. You can easily create a standardized block of content and update across multiple of usages. This has helped me in saving a lot of time. You can create a variation of landing page very easily. Instapage is fast and robust and works perfectly fine! Highly recommended 👌

  8. Instapage is landing page editor with a very smooth experience The learning curve is very small compared to other software. Comes with diverse templates, easy drag-and-drop editor You can store the media files you need for your landing page. Perfect for the WYSIWYG experience.
    I would strongly recommend that you need to try it out!

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