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Leadpages Review [Year] | Is This Landing Page Builder Worth The Hype? (Pros & Cons)

Check out our detailed and in-depth Leadpages Review [Year] that covers everything including its features, pros and cons, pricing, and working…


Leadpages is one excellent way that allows you to design several awesome landing pages that they could provide you with and put on show for you on a custom domain. You moreover are given a chance to produce web pages with a leadpage which provides you with an opportunity to display your project online. 

This usually contains hosting your sites and landing pages made by you.    

Let’s take a look at what all is offered here:

  • An amazing collection of customizable formats- one thing that is beneficial to you when using Leadpage is how it contains such various sorts of templates. They can be utilized for many different types of purposes but are creative enough to make everything look attractive. 
  • Conversion tool- Conversion tools help you to generate more leads, you can start off by producing pages also while creating new pop-ups and alert boxes. 
  • Modern page editor- this is a drop-down builder option that makes it quite simple to fabricate your idiosyncratic landing page or personalized templates. 
  • Split testing- there’s always a little doubt in the back of your mind when it comes to the audience’s choice. We may not know if they would prefer our ideas and decisions which is exactly why this particular tool is generated. 
  • Integration options- with the above mentioned, Leadpage also mingle with extensive third-party services such as social media advising platform, email marketing tools, and payment processes. 

Leadpages Review [Year]: Worth The Hype?

Leadpages review landing page builder

Leadpages is a software which will help you in building sale pages and landing pages at ease without much experience of coding and it’s very time-saving. It is a private company founded in 2012. Its explicit works are in the software development industry. It was founded by Cray Collins, Tracy Simmons, and Simon Payne. Its headquarters is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

Leadpages is a program whose main motto is to be of utmost assist in building sale pages and landing pages effortlessly. Around late January of 2013, it began with a computer program that was discharged by Leadpages.

It had around two dozen layouts together with computer program integrative. It also has compatibility with InfusionSoft, MailChimp, etc. It has gotten subsidizing summing to $5 million from the Foundry Gather and Arthur wanders in September 2013. 

It encourages discharged numerous adjustments in January 2014, October 2014, and Walk 2015. A drag and drop landing page builder was presented by the company in 2015, which gave it another subsidizing of $27 million from the Foundry Gather, Drive Capital, and Arthur Ventures. 

A promotional conference was held by Leadpages in October 2015 which was implied particularly for little businesses. 

Leadpages partnered with Facebook in November 2017 by announcing Facebook ad builder. There are more than 45,000 active users of the company till date.

What does LeadPages do?

Leadpage is an independent site which fundamentally makes a difference to its clients by assembling email subscriptions, Utilizing Leadpages, you’ll be sure to make deals and landing pages to develop a trade.

You’ll be able to easily do so outside your site or indeed if you don’t have a website utilizing Leadpages. It comprises drag and drop formats as well as standard layouts for the reason. Leadpage is for the most part utilized by a wide range of individuals for carrying out functions like

  • Setting up sign-up pages for webinars
  • Setting up sales pages
  • Promote free products and gain email subscribers

How Can You Use Leadpages?

  1. Webinars-

For rookies wanting to host webinars, this is a great option. Is simple and handy to use. Embedding the webinar presentations using Leadpages into webinar templates can be done for this purpose.

Adding a chatbox is also possible so that the participants can communicate and make the webinar more interactive.

  1. Automatic Mailing of Upgrades

The procedure is simple. Either a ‘lead box’ or a ‘leadpage’ is to be created. Then upload your free product. This product will be automatically sent to the subscribers who have opted in.

  1. Opt-In boxes- Call to Action Buttons

For the ease of subscribers to get content, an arrangement is given by Leadpages whereby it provides you with call to action buttons that are clickable inside the software and take you to the specific pages. 

  1. Lead Magnets

To persuade the readers to supply their email and connect to the mailing list, reports, pictures, and recordings can be given by you to draw them into your business. These moral bribes are known as Lead Magnets on Leadpages. 

  1. Sales Pages

If you’re a rookie and can’t manage to pay an online site creator, Leadpages is the perfect choice for you. With a wide assortment of layouts and overwhelming customization choices, you’ll effortlessly make an alluring and professional deals page. 

  1. Use of content messaging

The use of messages can be done to pick up Mail endorsers utilizing the facility given by Leadpages. 

  1. Thank-you pages

You can make Viral ‘thank you for subscribing’ pages on Leadpage. The trick here may be a button that can be included by you which is able to provoke the endorsers to share the page. This simple trap can definitely increment the reach of your webpage.

How will it help you? 

Review of Leadpages landing page builder

Online Presence:

It’s absurd not to have an internet presence in 2020 when the stay-at-home culture is trending.  Anything your trade, a web presence, an alluring one, is required to draw attention and build your client base.

With Leadpages, you now not have to be compelled to circle web designers for days to construct engaging landing pages and websites.

Leadpages permits you to effortlessly construct landing pages, as well as websites not as it were, to draw traffic to your trade but to transform them into potential leads. Its interface is very straightforward to utilize indeed for even a beginner.

It is a code-free stage that has recently overhauled to an available drag-and-drop builder which soothes you of a larger part of the manual work. You’ll publish web pages that see proficient and luring.

Quality Leads:

Leadpages is planned to be conversion-optimized which proposes that it makes beyond any question that all the content you convey is optimized to change over the activity to your landing pages into leads and after that clients.

For this reason, Leadpages employs pop-ups, caution bars, and AB testing on all dispersed pages encouraged on their stage.

At present, you can grow your email-subscribers list by advertising opt-ins such as e-books or pamphlets and be rest guaranteed of instant computerized record conveyance.

With custom-built landing pages, you’ll know for sure that the consideration your item gets is from individuals who are fascinated by what you’re offering i.e. your target gathering of people. You’ll find more target groups and cater to their requirements.

Sell Items & Services:

With a high transformation rate of deals pages from convergence to leads and clients, your salary is bound to increase. With Leadpages you’ll be able to effectively offer computerized items by luring potential customers to sign up to your email list or join your course.

Offering them incentives like tickets to a webinar or an ebook. It also has an in-built checkout option and payments integrated with Stripe that is secure and available in most countries. Once you have quality leads, it is only a matter of time before they become clients.    

Optimized Development:

With leadpages’ 2019 upgrade it is fair and simple to form a website with Leadpages as it is with wix.com. You’ll DIY and customize your site with helpful tools to ease your work and advance it through computerized showcasing.

It has alternatives to combining mail marketing into your page. You’ll be able indeed to include the Leadpages facilitated landing page to your space title. With these instruments and following the execution of your page in real-time through effective split-testing, your trade will develop in no time.

Unleash your Imagination Coding Free Zone:

 Do you have got an outlandish fear of computers? Does all the web-designing or creating conversation feel like hammers in your head? Your inconveniences end here! You can toss all that programming language mumbo-jumbo out the window. Leadpages’ simple to utilize drag-and-drop plan device may be a major update from its ancient standard editor which is comparatively inferior and less adaptable.

 The drag-and-drop builder comes with widgets, page format and styling, following, and analytics. You essentially got to choose a choice from the sidebar, drag and drop it onto your page.

You’ll be able to select from diverse page formats, include pictures, resize objects and alter textual styles, all without needing to put your head through a divider. With such ease in detail, you’ll be able to let your imagination flow.

Leadpages’ simple to utilize drag-and-drop plan device may be a major update from its ancient standard editor which is comparatively second rate and less adaptable. The drag-and-drop builder comes with widgets, page format and styling, following, and analytics.

You essentially have to be compelled to choose an alternative from the sidebar, drag and drop it onto your page.

You’ll be able to select from diverse page formats, add images, resize objects and alter textual styles, all without needing to put your head through a divider. With such ease in detail, you’ll be able to let your imagination flow.

Custom Layouts for you:

One of the foremost enticing features of Leadpages is the assortment of formats it offers whereas building your pages, both free and paid. The paid formats open up an entire modern world of designing freedom.

Of course, you’ll continuously select to begin from scratch on a clear canvas. But Leadpages’ custom layouts are an overwhelming portion of what makes it a value-for-money stage.

Their professional plan is utilized by numerous fruitful landing pages all over the world whose deal numbers are over the roof. Be it a creator site or a webinar sign-up page, it has layout plans for all your needs.

Change Traffic to Profit Expert Direction: 

On the off chance that a webpage building stage free of code wasn’t sufficient to conciliate you, get prepared to be blown away. Leadpages come in real-time direction whereas you’re making your webpage. Yes, you heard it right! 

Get familiar with the Leadmeter, a built-in analytics device that surveys your page’s substance and compares it to thousands of similar pages within the database based on variables like page format, substance, call-to-action, leads, and coherence. 

It makes a difference in optimizing your page substance and structure, makes real-time recommendations to redo everything within the focal point of expanding call-to-action prospects, makes your webpage more clear and powerful concurring to normal web practices and assesses your lead collection possibilities. 

This feature helps you to create more powerful web pages and landing pages than your competitors. This will attract more and more views helping you to convert more impressions to potential leads.

Analytics Streamlined:

You don’t get to play the speculating game any longer. Leadmeter persistently runs within the background to create beyond any doubt that your page is being optimized for the greatest execution and predicts how it’ll do before you share it with the world. 

Depending on its proposition, you’ll modify your information to drive the first movement to your webpage. Leadmeter may be a consistent instrument that considers 4 change factors to accurately expect the execution of a page. 

The more unmistakable your Leadmeter score, the more vital the optimization, and the more vital the chance of leads and deals. It gives you advancing appeal and step-by-step courses so simply fair are guaranteed that each penny you spend is being put to awesome use.

Split Testing A/B:

For a better transformation rate, Leadpages licenses you to run boundless part tests on your pages so that you simply can optimize them and drag within the most extreme movement.

On the off chance that you’re befuddled with where to put an exchange box for most extreme optimization proficiency, you’ll run a part test on your page/s to compare it with different other plans of your site and foresee transformation rate, execution, and optimization levels.

Isn’t that cool? Any questions around the foremost minor things like arrangement or textual style can be cleared by running an A/B test any time you want.   

All the highlights you may ever require!

Leadpages review- features and benefits

SEO centric pages: Leadpages locales have built-in SEO tools and settings which helps in making more efficient portrayals, picture features, and titles.

The layouts are simple to alter and are SEO-friendly that create natural search results. This improves the overall performance and helps you to rank your websites in the top in google search worldwide.

99% running time: Leadpages is dependable and rapid. It runs 24/7 so that its users never get into any problems. It employs Google’s App Engine to remain running for the greatest time and productivity and continuously be accessible to its users.

Free Hosting: Undoubtedly on the off chance that you just have to run your page from your space, you’ll still have them free of taking a toll on Leadpages and coordinating the pages into your domain. The stage guarantees to be secure with SSL encryption and is facilitated on an HTTPS address. 

SSL Encryption: Whether you’re utilizing your domain or a Leadpages domain for your webpages, you’ll persistently accept that all pages on their servers are scrambled with SSL (Secure Connections Layer) and HTTPS conventions which recommend that all  data on pages made by you is secure on the internet.

Analytics: As discussed above, Leadpages provides you with complete analysis, you can benefit from the built-in analytics of Leadpages or use third-party analytics and tracking.

With Leadmeter, you can track the progress of your page in real-time so that you can make necessary changes along the way and be ensured that your marketing money is not going to waste. 

This data also will be very helpful to get a complete overview and help to devise new strategist in the future.

GDPR Compliance: All your data on Leadpages complies with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) requirements. This means that the data is securely processed. You can also add a consent checkbox on a landing page or pop-up form. 

Device Centric Previews: Leadpages is compatible with any device and lets you preview what your page will look like on different devices: mobiles, desktops, or tablets. You can customize different sections of your page accordingly to fit into a device-specific display.

High Speed: Leadpages’ quality, reliability, and speed remain incomparable to date. Whether it’s site building, user experience, or page loading speeds, Leadpages delivers efficiency and speed which is unmatched by its competitors. 

Resources and Support 

Tech Support

 Leadpages boasts of a strong technical support team, they are super helpful and respond very quickly to solve our problem and they also provide the customer’s many ways for troubleshooting. Few of them are listed below and let’s go through them briefly-

  1. Contact Support

According to the company, the best way to get to them is through the contact support option. All you have to do is to log in to your account, go for the support option in the navigation menu, and let the company know about your problem.

  1. You can get to this company via Email. It usually takes 24-48 hours for them to revert. When you send an email, make sure to insert the following relevant details.
  • Name of the page or the queried conversion tool.
  • The mode of publishing the page or the form
  • Necessary URL of the page
  • Error messages received by you, if any
  • Account E-mail address (not needed if you contact through account navigation menu) 


  1. Chat Support

This option is available only for Pro and Advanced plans.  This feature includes live chat support. Timing- Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm central time.

The option is available in the ‘support’ section of the account navigation menu.


  1. Phone Support

This option is available only for an advanced subscription. You can call an employee who will help you with troubleshooting by using a toll-free number listed in the ‘support’ section of your navigation menu.

Online Community

 Leadpages has a Facebook group called Leadpages Community Official. All the fellow customers and leadsters are welcome in the group. This group acts as a good platform to share the users’ experiences, new ideas, software practices, and best results. This is a private group and you need to be a Leadpages customer or employee to get access to this group

Coaching + Webinars

 Leadpages has a constantly growing library for the betterment of its customers. It includes digital marketing resources, guides, tech-support, webinars, and most importantly, inspiration.

All of this is made available for the customers in an integrated manner. There is a systematic timetable about the daily webinars, their topics, and timing available on the website.

Certified Professionals

 All of us have some very specific business goals decided by us. When you become a Leadpages customer, Leadpages shares the responsibility of making you achieve those goals. It helps you to achieve those goals.

You can search for certified marketing professionals through the vast directory made by Leadpages exclusively for its customers. It has also made available filters such as Certification, Country, Speciality, Tools, and Industry. Accordingly, you can find and choose an expert according to your requirements and hire him to achieve your business goals.

The Tool Connection

 You can now connect all your favorite social media platforms! You can send automated alerts to all your mailing list subscribers! You can gain registrations, as you conduct special programs or webinars.

You can pair your Leadpage account to over a thousand different tools that can all work for you. The tool connection that is offered by Leadpage is quite unprecedented and helps make sure that the fill resources that can be offered to you are provided! 

Leapages Conversion Tool Kit  

Leadpages landing page builder products


All over the internet, we are in a humongous network of websites and webpages. Any small business or start-up which targets a global audience wants to come online by the means of creating a website. Websites provide the global competitive incentive for companies to reform and grow.

Leadpages aid these people by helping them design a website. They have professionals who efficiently fashion the website to bring maximum traffic. In less than stipulated time, this traffic is converted to sales and leads.

With leadpages, you will not have to seek for an expensive and sophisticated web developer who will cost you a fortune. It offers its clients the feature of choosing from a wide range of pre-designed templates.

You can even have the liberty to customize your website without any hassle of extensive coding.

Alert Bars 

Websites have strong attractive points. Alert bars are the basic allurement of these websites. They display fancy lines, tricky catchy phrases, and unignorable offers.

You can have a user-friendly layout, text-based announcement, and opt-in forms with Leadpages’ Alert bars. These Alert bars are simple add-ons that make your websites attractive. They are essential to convince the traffic to buy products. 

Leadpage provides customized layouts and opportunities to change the content in the display. New subscribers will automatically be connected by their email id to the client’s preferred email id application. It will just take a few easy sets of codes to publish your alert bar on any landing page. 

Landing Pages 

Leadpage helps you to convert customers clicks into high converting destination pages. When someone clicks on an SEO result, ads on various places, marketing emails, and promotion, they will be simply directed to your landing pages where an organized set up is put together to engage the guest.

You can easily monitor the traffic on your website with simple graphical analytics. With their advanced technology, it guides and notifies about the various flaws and suggests multiple improvements, so that you can be at peace. They do not charge any extra cost in case of heavy crowds.

The lead page has an unlimited page creation facility for the entire traffic source. You need not worry about the publishing limits or any error alert popping up with a “bandwidth exceeded “ message.

It facilitates a very high-performance score that is thirty per-cent higher than any other page builder in existence. Technically, you will just need 2.4 secs to upload a  new page! This feature makes it more user-friendly as it helps acquire more customers and coins in more sales.

Opt-in Texts

 No one has the actual time for continuous updates on every website. It is impossible. This is when text alerts come in handy.

Hosts can optimize texts, and send their customers and regular viewers text messages about the sparkling new features, about new product launches, and any sort of notification or updates.   

Leadpage allows you to fashion a unique keyword and 5 digit number and share it with your audience, inviting them to opt-in for a special offer and enjoy a reward point. When the keyword is sent, the prospects receive an automated reply both on the text and via an email. 

The best about this tool is that it is useful both in online and offline modes. First of all, it is more engaging for the consumers and is very cost-effective for the business. With little investment, it assures better results.


The best and quickest way to catch visitor’s attention is by pop-ups when their zeal at the website is best. With Leadpages pop-up the builder, you can add a pop-up on any landing page, webpage, or website of your site. These pop-ups are essentially in the interest of a major audience and to satisfy their quest to a destination. 

Email Trigger Links 

Clients can increase their engagement and opt in feature by simply adding Email trigger links. These are not simple links! These are pre- determined links to trigger an action or task at the click of the visitor. This is an easy way to gather extra insight about the interests and action of the subscriber.

It can be simply done by creating a unique email id. This Id is supposed to be sent to all the members of the email list and choose the email account for sending a broadcast email.

Create a thank you page, and bring it play to confirm the registration of subscribers. Now, all you have to simply do is copy the tigger link into your emails and you are good to go.

Leadpages Review- Pros and Cons:


  • For new joiners, the drag and drop option is a user-friendly editor.
  • The new alert bar gives you access to attach “notification” style formats and CTA’s on your site.
  • You get around 200+ free templates that are gorgeously designed I assure you! But the good part is you get more templates if you pay for it. 
  • Oh, another part that has recently been installed provides you with ingredients to develop your conversion-optimized web pages is just a matter of a few clicks! 
  • The fun part is creating the A/B tests.
  • There’s added functionality.
  • The whole system of built-in analytics. 
  • An amazing cluster of widgets.


  • Even though a responsive preview is present, you’re not blessed with the ability to create your responsive preview. 
  • Although most features are included in the affordable tier. 
  • As you must have heard, the only drawback here is that the price is something that makes people’s eyes go wide especially if they are casual users.

Leadpage Pricing (list the bullet points)

Leadpages Pricing- landing page builder review

 There are some very efficient pricing policies taken up by leadpages. Customers can pay on a monthly or an annual basis. Below listed is the detailed pricing with all the subscription plans.


  1. Standard subscription- For those who opt for the standard subscription have to pay no less than $37 per month. The price is moderate and affordable in return to the services. For the standard subscription you get to make 1 site, free hosting facility, landing pages, Pop-ups, unlimited traffic and a little more. 
  2. Pro Subscription- To render the services of the leadpage’s pro version one has to pay $79 per month. This version comes with its own perks and provides a wide range of services. Here with pro subscription you grab the benefits of standard along with 3 sites,  online payment and sales and email trigger links. 
  3. Advanced Subscription- Ultimately all the features of the leadpage can be experienced in the advanced version for just $321 per month. You can experience all the services and features at a reasonable price in a month. 


  1. Standard Subscription- It comes with all the standard features offered by Leadpage at the cost of $25 per month. If you are a little doubtful and yet you are determined to try a website builder, this is the best price you can go for.
  2. Pro Subscription- This is the most popular subscription among the clients of Leadpage. It empties only $48 per month from your pockets and you basically wrench out the best for your business.
  3. Advanced Subscription- For reaping the best long term benefits you can choose the advanced subscription at the price of $199 per month. In the long run the sum of money invested is completely extracted through business profits.

Still Not Convinced (test sample with a 14-day free trial)

Free trials, the thing we all love! We can check things out and see if we want to pay for it every month. With LeadPage this option is offered for 14 days, after which you will be charred on a monthly or yearly basis.

So the first order of business after reading this article is to at least check out the free trial so you can see how much you are missing out on by not being a part of this amazing new platform!

Main LeadPage Alternatives  

Systeme.io –

Systeme.io Overview- leadpages alternatives

This was ideally created for combining the apparatuses you’d require for a victorious online business into a single software. 

This abolishes the need for several complicated integrations. Also, the high-priced subscriptions engulfing your surplus.  

The pricing here works this way:

  • Startup- $27 per month.
  • Webinar- $47 per month.
  • Enterprise- $97 per month. 


Click Funnels-

Best leadpages alternative- ClickFunnel Overview

 This platform not only helps with consulting, e-commerce, and various businesses to produce leads and sells but also helps running webinars using emails and Facebook marketing.  

Click funnels offer the plans priced at:

  • Standard plan- $97.00 per month. 
  • Platinum plan- $297 per month.



Instapage Overview

Instapage takes the effort to arrange a set of contemporary landing page templates and a page builder tool. 

The pricing offered here:

  • Business plan- $199 per month which becomes 
  • $149 if paid annually every month. 
  • If you opt for the annual plan, you have to make a one time deposit fee of $1788 which represents a 25% of savings when put up beside the monthly plan. 


OptimizePress-  Like anything else, this is too invented to provide the ingredients that’ll help you create your own landing page. 

OptimizePress basically charges you $97 a year. 

Why is LeadPages Better Than Them?

After reading this article there is no need to explain, but to sum it all up, leadpages offers the most professional and refined tools as compared to others on the market. With its decisively superior algorithm, it helps you rank higher on SERPs, and the landing pages are made keeping SEO in mind.

Also with it comes a code free, design interface, armed with a decisively fair pricing scheme that is sure to take care of your budgetary concerns especially after leads start pouring in!

Now with pre-designed landing pages, alert bars, and various other special features like opt-in texts and popups LeadPage has been designed to bring in leads and sales with an algorithm that is known to surpass that of the other alternatives. 

FAQs: Leadpages Review

👉 When Should I Start Using Leadpages with my Business?

You’ll get the foremost out of Leadpages if you join once you have got something to promote (or presell). Leadpages Destinations make it speedy and simple to urge online and with their landing pages and conversion apparatuses, developing your commerce is straightforward and direct. On the off chance that you’re not quite ready to induce, consider subscribing to our blog—it’s pressed with assets that will assist you to develop your trade and lay out your promoting methodology with certainty.

👉 What is the purpose of Leadpage?

Oh, leadpage can be considered the water to a growing plant. Just like the water that helps the plant with its growth and maturation of the flowers, leadpage provides the methods for you to grow your business with various things like collecting leads, connecting with the audience, etc. Other than this, it also supplies easy to build websites, pop-ups, landing pages, alert bars, and beyond.

👉 What do I get with my Free Trial?

You get access to all the tools that are associated with the Leadpages plan that will lead you to successful business development. That incorporates boundless distributing and boundless activity and leads—so go full-speed ahead for your free 14 days!

Final Thoughts: Is Leadpages Worth The Money? Leadpages Review [Year]

According to utility, many find Leadpages incredible. 

They have multiple strikingly beautiful landing pages that make everything on it look captivating. Mostly when it is only within advanced features, A/B testing, tons of integrations, Leadpage is something you can count on!

But before, all you have to do is confirm if those features are making a good ROI for you, this means that it can either be about the time saved or revenue earned. 

Though, there’s no purpose to look so confused! Just go ahead and check out the 14-day trial that’ll get that perplexed look off of your face!   

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