Leadpages vs Unbounce 2021: Which One Is The Best? (In-Depth Comparison)

Leadpages and Unbounce are the most important and reliable landing page software, both are extremely remarkable in maintaining its efficacy. 


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Pricing $37/mo $64/mo
Best for

Small Business who need a professional landing page builder tool.

Digital Marketers, Businesses who need to move fast.

  • Notification Window Boxes
  • A/B Split Testing
  • Collects Leads from Facebook
  • Goal Based Campaigns
  • Assorted Templates
  • Conversion Tools
  • Easy Learning Guide
  • Affordable Pricing Plans
  • Easy To use Landing page Tools
  • Stellar Customer Support
  • Helpful Preview Option
  • Arrange extended retailing funnels
  • Data and Analytics can be confusing
  • Less number of forms
Ease of Use

Simple Assistance and Drag and Drop Functionality with a great set of tools.

Ease to use page editor. Advanced features are harder for beginners though.

Value For Money

Affordable Pricing plans for the small business and for the solopreneurs.

Highly-priced plans with high requirement of complexity.

Customer Support

Customer support is limited to email in lowest plan. Highest plans have phone support

Stellar Customer Support in all plans. Guidance in the enterprise plan.

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Leadpages create indeed, the most attractive landing pages & customizing them accordingly. If you’re looking to get detailed insights into LeadPages, check our Leadpages review here. 

While the latter deals with helping marketers to rise and grow their businesses with the best effective marketing tools and resources.

Bottom Line Upfront: Unbounce is a reliable landing page builder platform out there in the market. The Unbounce landing page builder has an easy approach to build landing pages and it’s a bit pricy.  

On the other hand, LeadPages is a powerful landing page builder that ease up the process of building landing pages. Also, LeadPages has a more user-friendly approach, that’s why it’s the one-stop solution for building landing pages on the go. Get Started With LeadPages here.

In both this software, features have contributed a major boost to its growth. It has even occupied

 An Important place amongst the popular page builders on the Internet. 

They provide a couple of advanced pre-designed templates along with CTA (call to action ) options and other included components. Leadpages are entirely integrated with social media platforms like Facebook, whereas Unbounce does not. 

Let us give a sneak peek between these competent and businesslike marketing tools, to know who wins with more advantageous features and benefits.

Table of Contents

Leadpages vs Unbounce 2021: Overview 

Leadpages Overview: 

Leadpages do not employ heavy held technical knowledge or understanding to apprehend the designing of landing pages. It is customer friendly & splendid in customization.  

It also allows customers to make Facebook ads to promote their landing page, giving a boost to its traffic & eventually payments Can be directly collected from landing pages.

Leadpages Overview - Leadpages vs Unbounce


Unbounce Overview: 

Under the digital platforms, Unbounce as a marketing software is extremely old yet well known.

It helps small entrepreneurs or businessmen facilitate their growth   Within these businesses. It has exquisite features involving specialized marketing & designing offered by such software.

Unbounce Overview-Leadpages vs Unbounce

It is even a systematic landing page builder and editor. Unbounce offers proper analytics along with the ability to showcase certain insights to optimize its system.

Unbounce includes extra elements of the webpage like pop-ups.  Thus, it can review, adjust, optimize, customize certain designs and features.

  • Unbounce is offering a 20% discount on all its plans. Check out the latest Unbounce Coupon Code to get amazing discounts on this landing page builder now.

Leadpages vs Unbounce: Features

Many factors go into making an attractive and useful site.  The significant aspect is the landing page of the website. Predominantly, most of the sales conversions happen from the landing page.

Both have proven to give possible services.

Their features are competitive with each other. Following are the features provided by Leadpages and Unbounce:

Leadpages Features

  • Builder:  Effective and customized landing page creation are facilitated by the builder feature. This increases the conversion rate of your customers.

1. Drag & Drop Interface:


The drag and drop is the highlight of Leadpages builder. One can customize the web pages or landing pages by just drag, drop, and click.


Drag and Drop is the first thing. Other things to know are CTA buttons, page sections, text boxes. They have additional features like embedded videos and customization of  HTML of any type. Most of all this builder tool makes them easy. 

Unbounce Features


This is the strongest feature of both the software tools. Using and navigating the software is extremely easy.

2. High Mobile Responsiveness:


All the pages, templates, pop-ups, and websites are compatible with any device. They are mobile-friendly to avoid any inconvenience to the audience.


With the Unbounce builder, it is very easy to toggle between desktop and mobile views. Unbounce in its desktop version minimizes your job. The rest of it will be completed upon editing elements to fit the mobile screen and then publish it!


The mobile phone incorporates almost all the activities. Hence, a webpage needs to be mobile compatible. Leadpages and Unbounce do a good job in this feature.

3. Page Publishing:


You can create and publish limitless web pages.


Landing pages created through Unbounce can be published on any domain or URL. You can also integrate the pages with an existing campaign or website. Additionally, your landing pages can be published on any WordPress site in just one click.


Sometimes, businesses need to publish more than one landing page. Keeping this in mind Leadpages and Unbounce have added this fantastic feature to their respective tools.

4.  Page load speed


Google’s App Engine enables the content to be loaded much faster enabling speed and accuracy of 99.9% Uptime.


One of the latest features added to this builder is called Accelerated Mobile Pages. It boasts an 85% faster standard mobile pages. Hence, your pages will show higher conversions and more content views.


Every software today is competing to have a higher loading speed. Leadpages and Unbounce are not far behind. Both the tools claim to have a high-speed percentage of page load on any device.

5. Duplicate and Edit:


Isn’t customizing content, again and again, time-consuming? Leadpages minimizes time consumed by copying, saving content.


Create a successful campaign using Unbounce which facilitates duplication plus modifying the landing pages.


Since everyone is short of time nowadays, this is a well-thought feature keeping in mind the consumer’s requirements.

Want to know the top 3 best Leadpages Alternatives? Read our dedicated article, where we compared Leadpages with its top 3 alternatives.

Leadpages vs Unbounce: Customize, Design & Templates

You can increase your business by leaps and bounds by creating a perfect landing page. This is why Leadpages and Unbounce have given numerous options to its customers to choose, design, and customize their template.

Leadpages Makes Different

1. Landing page customization


Let the customers have a feel of your brand by customizing the website reflecting the brand’s logo with unique colors.


Customize any template to increase your revenue using Unbounce.


Both the tools are equally flexible when it comes to personalization of pages as per your brand foresight. This is a huge advantage for businesses as they create an everlasting impression in the minds of its audience.

2. Free Images


Using the Leadpages account, you can get access to unlimited images by purchasing them from Shutterstock.


Around 850000 images from Unsplash are offered by Unbounce at absolutely no cost.


Images speak a thousand words. Leadpages and Unbounce both give their users a varied choice of images. This is a choice between getting something for free or purchasing it!

3. Embed Videos


You can embed a video from different hosting sites and post it on your website plus pop-ups.


Embedded videos can be added to your landing page from anywhere using Unbounce, just drag and drop the video.


Since videos are a very popular form of content creation today, this feature is an added advantage to the users.

4. Conversion Tools

The landing page facilitates the conversion of website visitors into customers. Leadpages and Unbounce help you in doing exactly that. Let’s have a look at the tools used for this purpose.

5). A/B testing

A/B testing means displaying two versions of the same webpage to different sets of visitors. This helps in determining which version is deriving more conversions. Leadpages and Unbounce, both facilitate you to run A/B tests for your website.


Webpages can be optimized using an unlimited A/B split test on the landing page using Leadpages.


The main feature of the Unbounce team is A/B testing. This feature allows you to divide the traffic among two versions of our landing page and decide which version brings in more conversions.

6. Real-time Analytics

Boost your business and track conversions including page performance with real-time data.


At Leadpages, your page performance is updated regularly in real-time. This can help you to update your pages periodically and also customize as per the conversion results.


This connects you to Google Analytics through your Unbounce account. All the regular updates of your pages reflect on your dashboard.


This is a very crucial function performed by both the tools. It guarantees tested results based on real-time. Users can choose between the best software.

Leadpages vs Unbounce: Benefits


With Leadpages, you get to experience some amazing benefits.

  • You can publish your enhanced and designed material across various social media platforms.

Leadpages lets you do this hassle-free. Since it has an integration with the WordPress site, you can publish your content there effortlessly.

In case of sites other than WordPress, you only have to copy and paste the HTML address to the website of your choice. Facebook is much easier too, simply use Leadpages’s direct URL and you’re done. 

Leadpages Benefits

  • LeadBoxes

It is a notification window that pops up when anyone clicks on the delegated link or image or text. Leadpages allows you to use this service anywhere and everywhere you have an HTML link

  • Leads through FaceBook

Leadpages offers you the facility to seize your leads from Facebook straight away. You can coax your prospective conversion to throw alike to your FaceBook post.

However, if that doesn’t happen; if your prospect does wish to select directly, then you can schedule a later date to decide. This way you’ll be saving in on clients without the risk of losing anyone.

  • Traffic re-orientation

Leadpages inadvertently re-orients your page traffic from your previous landing pages to current landing pages.

  • LeadLinks

The Pro Pricing Plan offers a distinctive feature that let’s connect your current subscribers to a webinar. Confirmation of identity for them is not required. This is known as LeadLinks capacity.

  • Customer service

In comparison to other similar landing pages tools, Leadpages offers the best customer service that is approachable, prompt, and accommodating.

Unbounce:Unbounce Benefits

  • Developer-free campaigns

Initiate campaigns speedily using the Drag-N-Drop tool, making it easier to maximize personalized landing pages and notification bars, that too, without the use of coding. No coding knowledge required.

  • Assorted templates

There is an assortment of more than one hundred templates and other features designed to give the user complete authority to create and personalize from start to end.

  • Goal-based campaigns

You can create campaigns that will guarantee conversion using features such as Dynamic Text Replacement that ensures maximization of efforts.

  • Hefty Transformation

Transform your traffic using assorted resources and features.

Leadpages for business growth

That is a choice. Leadpages can either be a substitute for your website entirely or it can be used as an appendage to your website. It has user-friendly Drag-N-Drop Builder tools as well as a variety of templates and other resources that are made to increase the percentage from visitors to buyers on your website.

With such features, it is perfect to add a boost to your business.

  • Did you know? You can earn a recurring commission of 30% for a lifetime from Leadpages? Check out how you can join the Leadpages Affiliate Program and start earning commissions.

Leadpages: Personalize your own design

Yes, and it is easy too. You can do it yourself without the assistance of web designers or web developers. You simply require to drag and drop, click and/or type to personalize anything on your website.

This is also applicable to landing pages, notifications, etc. With cutting-edge Lead Meter technology, you can already know how well your material will be received and based on that some recommendations are also available to help you enhance your website to get more conversions from visitors.

The focus of Leadpages is to direct your business towards growth in a hassle-free manner.

Now is the time to use these tools!

It is advisable to utilize these tools when you have some product or service that you wish to promote or advocate. With these tools, you will be able to get a kickstart in advancing your business, making use of our landing pages and tools for conversion. 

However, if that is still a few steps away, you can begin by becoming a member of their blog; there is ample information to provide you with the correct resources to plan your business strategy and make your path ahead.

Leadpages vs Unbounce: Pricing

Leadpages Pricing Plans 

Leadpages Pricing-Leadpages vs Unbounce

Leadpages offer two pricing plans mainly: Monthly and Annual, which are then bifurcated into three more: Standard, Pro, and Advanced. Apart from the high-level features, which are unique for the Advanced version, the basic ones are common across plans. The rates are as follows:

Plan 1 – Monthly:

 Standard    – $37/month

Pro         – $79/month

Advanced – $321/month

The features vary pricing-wise. As you go higher in the plans, you unlock more features to your benefit.

Plan 2 – Annual

Standard – $25

Pro – $48

Advanced – $199

Out of the two, the annual plan proves to be beneficial as it offers a discount of 39% with an added domain that is absolutely free of cost.

For both the monthly as well as the annual plan, some features remain the same through the bifurcations such as landing pages, notification bars, default personalized domains, etc.

However, a few features are plan-specific and are only offered if you choose a higher level of plan. Sub Accounts are offered only for the Advanced plan in both the monthly and annual cycles.

The standard plan offers 1 site, the Pro Plan offers 3 sites and the Advanced Plan offers up to 50 sites. In such a way, the features differ according to plans.

Unbounce Pricing Plans

Similar to Leadpages, Unbounce also has two pricing cycles: Monthly and Annually. However, the bifurcations are unique for this one. There are four categories namely Launch, Optimize, Accelerate, and Scale. 

  1. Launch – This plan is recommended if you are a beginner business person who is just introduced to the world of landing pages. All that is necessary for you to successfully design your landing page without the help of a web designer or developer is offered here.
  2. Optimize – This plan works for you if you wish to enhance your pages and convert the leads. All features in Launch, plus additional ones such as A/B Split Testing and other tools to help you optimize your transformations easily.
  3.  Accelerate – If you have a booming business at the brink of expansion and you need that extra push, this plan is perfect for you. All the features of Optimize along with added limits to speed your growth.
  4. Scale  – Your business is through the roof, but all you need is more traffic coming your way, then this plan will sure take to new heights. All the features of Accelerate plus bandwidth for reaching the maximum number of people. 

Unbounce Pricing

Let’s talk numbers now.

Plan 1 – Monthly 

Launch – $80/month

Optimize – $120/month

Accelerate – $200/month

Scale – $300/month

Plan 2 – Annual

Launch – $72/month

Optimize – $108/month

Accelerate – $180/month

Scale – $270/month

There is a free of cost 14 day trial for all the plans. Some features are common as well such as inexhaustible landing pages, notification, and sticky bars. The Annual plans offer a 10% discount for all the three.

Available features go increasing as you upgrade the plan. The conversions move from 500 to 3,000 from Launch through Scale Plans.

The leads move from 20,000 to 50,000 visitors on the page. And default domains that connect move from 1 to 15 across the plans.

Leadpages vs Unbounce: Customer Reviews 

Leadpages Reviews 

Leadpages are easy to use and offer different ways to web developers  &  designers to create templates suited to their demands.

Customer reviewed Leadpages as a good initial start especially for the amateurs or the beginners learning to adapt good web development skills. Some clients claim it as an “extremely useful tool for business ”  & creates highly professional pages within a short period.

Minus point 

  1. It has not introduced new features in a while 
  2.  Leadpages is not viable for all the individuals who are not techno freak.

Some customers have reviewed Leadpages as the best rating Leadpages with a score of 10/10  as it does capture particular and various offers for the products it offers. Leadpages have even made spectacular customer support services. 

Unbounce Reviews

Customers exclaim Unbounce is a great tool for consultancy for clients and customers. Unbounce  is extremely spectacular at creating ad pages which attract customers and convert it to higher prices 

They help their customers get most of their service.

Minus point  

  1. The cost for small businesses is immoderate only if the cost of sales online is less.
  2. Involves easy setup, but operating such software isn’t easy as others

some customers Found unbounce as one of the best landing pages platforms rating the marketing program on a scale of 10 / 10.

 They exclaim it to be very effective & easy to use. Yet, this is the highly recommended software for the ones seeking for reliable landing pages.


Both the software have their pros and cons, advantages, and disadvantages. Leadpages and Unbounce are extremely exquisite in their ways regardless of numerous attributes.

One should learn to operate the technical know-how of this famous software & provide proper knowledge to use them.  Leadpages and Unbounce have proved to be extremely important 

Essential software is dictated by the customers who reviewed it .

Leadpages and Unbounce have

Quality templates with the best conversion tools. Both are extremely easy to use once we know how to operate it.

Leadpages vs Unbounce: Pros and Cons 



  • It’s very easy to build the landing pages productively and successfully without any problem.
  • It provides 24*7 hours of customer service and also helps us to increase the sales of business marketing to a higher level.
  • Provides you multiple designs and layouts and also different types of templates to create an amazing destination page for the users.
  • Provides the users with multiple options that help us regarding learning the use of the page. Very quick to create a landing page and also a time saver.
  • Leadpages helps to increase the retails of small business to the next level. Very productive and beneficial.
  • Leadpages provide you some tracking options which trace our sites and tells the statistics of the page daily. 
  • Without any interference the plan gets updates automatically, it has different plans according to users’ convenience.


  • The data and analytics are sometimes confusing and equivocal. 
  • Sometimes it is a scam, the users are automatically selected by the highest yearly plan and later the revocation doesn’t work.
  • The coupon offers don’t work sometimes in Leadpages.
  • It is a big budget for the self-assembly person.

Leadpages Customer Review

Leadpages user review

Leadpages customer review

Leadpages Testimonial

Leadpages On Facebook

Leadpages On LinkedIn

Leadpages On Twitter



  • Permits their uses to arrange extended retailing funnels to let you lead an expected sales. 
  • Landing page construction is uncomplicated and also makes an attractive-looking internet site.
  • Unbounce gives you an easy entrance to perform the demonstration to look at which template suits your landing pages and text the best.
  • It also permits you to learn and know every single detail of the destination pages oblivious to HTML, CSS.
  • Unbounce makes this platform convenient to understand the landing pages with easy guidance.


  • Some features of Unbounce need a part of computing and also allow their users to use the outside forms as Unbounce consists of only less number of forms. 
  • Not even once, Unbounce has provided their user’s repayment for the dropping which is caused by their inconvenient service time.
  • The links which are used for both mobile phones and PCs landing pages cannot be easily separated for the designing of landing pages conveniently.

Unbounce Customer Review

Unbounce User Review

Unbounce Customer Review

Unbounce Testimonial

Unbounce On LinkedIn

Unbounce On Twitter

Unbounce On Instagram


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Quick Links:

FAQs on LeadPages vs Unbounce:

👉Is it possible to shift my Leadpages from one account to another?

Yes. There is a procedure for it. It is known as a domain transfer that is predominantly done so that the statistics for views and visitors as well as conversions for the page will be maintained. If the pages to be shifted are few in number, you can simply download them and then upload them on the other account. It should not take more than a few minutes ideally. Permissions from both the accounts need to be sought, after which a timely appointment will be provided to you for the transfer. During this schedule, all campaigns for ads will be paused.

🤟Does Unbounce trail the distinctive visitors on my page?

Yes. We use a specific HTTP cookie to identify users and improve the web experience. It is known as ubvs. It keeps a track of the visitor, unacknowledged, of course, to identify returns to the page in the future. The ubvs will be hoarded in your browser. In the case of another browser being used by the visitor, it will be accounted for as a new distinctive visitor on the page. However, the repeat visit done in under 180 days only will be accounted for as the same on. After that, by default, the settings will change the visitor to a new one on the page.

🤙Can I personalize my social media posts with Leadpages?

Of course. If you want your Unbounce page on various social media, then it has to look attractive. For this reason, you can include a distinctive image, a name to go with it, and an elucidation. You can utilize our personalized code known as Open Graph Tags to describe the content of your landing page on Unbounce.

Conclusion: Leadpages vs Unbounce 2021 | Which One To Choose?

Leadpages offers its users many ambitious characteristics in their sites only at cut-prize of the Unbounce for yearly plans. The counts of the audience can be unlimited per cost tier.

If the users are not convenient with the cost prizes and want to delete some of those characteristics in Unbounce, Leadpages can be the best option for the users.

The monthly visitors in Unbounce‘s basic line permits up to 5000 special audiences and the pro rank increases to 25000 unique monthly audiences.

The pricing system in Unbounce’s basics compromises A/B testing, and the other program features are available with the upgrade tiers. With these features, you can use Unbounce the best for more good and mature internet sites.

Leadpages and Unbounce are equally balanced as good destination page devices. If users have a perfect programming tool, they can easily construct their own convenient and applicable destination pages and forms.

Devices like Leadpages and Unbounce give a helping hand to the retailers to design and create their Leadpages without imposing any further changes to the internet sites.

Leadpages On Youtube

Unbounce On Youtube

Leadpages and Unbounce are equally balanced as good destination page devices. If users have a perfect programming tool, they can easily construct their own convenient and applicable destination pages and forms.


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